The Victorian Inspectorate oversees and investigates complaints about the Chief Examiner or an Examiner.

The activities of the Chief Examiner, and Examiners, are overseen by the Victorian Inspectorate.

The Victorian Inspectorate:

  • receives and assesses complaints about the conduct of the Chief Examiner or Examiners
  • investigates the conduct of the Chief Examiner and Examiners
  • monitors the exercise of coercive powers
  • assesses the effectiveness and appropriateness of policies and procedures
  • monitors compliance with the relevant legislation

The Chief Examiner and Examiners are required to report to the Victorian Inspectorate every time they use their compulsory examination or production powers. For examinations, this includes providing the Inspectorate with an audio-visual recording of each examination, which may be reviewed by the Inspectorate.


Any person may complain to the Victorian Inspectorate about the conduct of the Chief Examiner or an Examiner, for anything relating to the Major Crime (Investigative Powers) Act 2004 (Vic).

Complaints may be made to the Inspectorate verbally or in writing, or online. A complaint may be made through a legal representative.

Visit the complaints section of the Victorian Inspectorate website for information on how to make a complaint, or to access the Inspectorate’s online complaint form.

You may include information about a witness summons, custody order or examination in a complaint to the Victorian Inspectorate. This is so even where that information would otherwise be confidential because of a notice or direction given by the Chief Examiner or an Examiner.

Otherwise, such notices or directions continue to apply.