The Chief Examiner

Joanne Smith is Victoria’s Chief Examiner, who plays a key role in investigating organised crime.

Joanne Smith is Victoria’s Chief Examiner. The Chief Examiner is an independent statutory officer, appointed by the Governor-in-Council.

Ms Smith began her five-year appointment as Victoria’s Chief Examiner on 20 June 2018 and was reappointed for a further five years on 20 June 2023.

Ms Smith first joined the Office of Chief Examiner in February 2016, with her appointment as an Examiner. Before that, Ms Smith was a Deputy Public Interest Monitor in the newly established Office of the Public Interest Monitor.

Ms Smith has extensive experience in the exercise of coercive powers. Her career spans prosecution, law enforcement and integrity agencies in Victoria.

The Chief Examiner is committed to reducing the incidence of organised crime to help build a safer Victoria, while ensuring fairness and integrity in the use of her powers.

The Chief Examiner, Examiners and staff who support the Chief Examiner to carry out her functions make up the Office of Chief Examiner.


Examiners are also independent statutory appointees. The Chief Examiner can delegate her functions, powers and duties to an Examiner, who performs or exercises them on the Chief Examiner’s behalf.