Office of the Chief Examiner


Information for members of the public about appearing before the Chief Examiner.

The Chief Examiner holds private examinations where people (‘witnesses’) are required to attend to give evidence. Witnesses (other than those who are in custody) may also be required to produce a document or thing.

Examinations are carried out in accordance with the Major Crime (Investigative Powers) Act 2004 (Vic) and the Major Crime (Investigative Powers) Regulations 2015 (Vic).

At an examination, the witness is asked questions about organised crime offences the Chief Examiner is investigating.

If you have only been summoned to attend and produce documents or things (and not to give evidence), you will not be asked questions about any offences.

An examination is part of the investigative process. It is carried out for the purpose of gathering information and evidence about organised crime offences.

An examination is not a trial and the Chief Examiner cannot determine guilt or innocence. The Chief Examiner cannot charge anyone with a criminal offence but may refer matters to Victoria Police for investigation where appropriate.

Reviewed 23 March 2021